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Holla if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

If its an Event specific question please look at the event page first as everything you need to know is there.

  • How do i get my bike number ?

    Your rider number is collected on the morning of the event at registration, nothing comes in the post.

  • Do i have to have a Helmet ?

    Yes, Helmets are mandatory, No Helmet = No ride, Helmets must comply with latest safety standards.

  • What bike can i ride at your events?

    You can ride any type of bike , inc E bikes, However bikes with TT bars are not permitted, if you arrive at the event on a TT bike or a bike with Aero bars/clip on bars you will not be allowed to ride as part of the event.

  • Why are some of your event routes the same price ?

    The level of work to ensure you get a good ride doesn’t change from route to route, examples are, All the pre-event work, Course laying of signs, the mechanics and support on course. We also ensure the quality of medal is the same across all routes, so we keep the price parity for any route distance.

  • Can i ride with my friends ?

    After you have collected your number from registration, you are free to start. If you want to ride with friends just collect your numbers together and start when your ready.

  • Why dont you have a phone number ?

    We are not always in the office. 95% of our time is spent checking routes or preparing for events. The best way to contact us is via email at

  • Why do you charge an Admin fee ?

    An admin fee is charged to carry out ANY type of administration, this mainly deals with corrections to your entry (After you have entered) ,and want to change something, The admin fee is £ 7.44.

  • Can i change routes ?

    You can change your route upto and including during the ride, as long as we know so we can adjust the results.